Improving Your Car Buying Experience

Reducing the time to funding from days to minutes.

Helping car dealers give their clients the best experience.

Helping guide car dealers through the changes in consumer behaviour.

How does it work

  1. Step 1 – submit a credit application
  2. Step 2 – get an instant approval regardless of credit (prime to deep subprime)
  3. Step 3 – instantly negotiate the loan with the lenders
  4. Step 4 – Accept the loan terms
  5. Step 5 – instantly verify income, identity, addresses and references
  6. Step 6 – receive and sign loan documents electronically
  7. Step 7 – get funded

How does it change the consumer experience

  1. Speed – instant approval, instant negotiation, instant identity verification and instant documentation. Taking the process from days to minutes.
  2. Convenience – With the automated tools, the consumer only needs to provide a driver’s license to be funded since all of the other verifications are online. Consumers can also complete the process using the kisosk themselves without the assistance of a sales associate saving you additional costs while delivering the service in the way the new savvy consumer expects to interact with retailers.
  3. Increased trust – the usage of digital platforms on kiosks or tablets within a dealership inherently promote trust between the consumer and the dealer

Our Dealer Services

  1. Portal – connect to lenders and manage your applications
  2. Hardware – bring the latest technology into your dealerships through kiosks
  • Lending – connect to auto lenders which will service all consumers regardless of their background; from prime to deep subprime. The system will never decline solely based on a consumer’s credit history.

Our Lender Services

  1. Distribution Network – Connect to all of the dealers on the portal instantly
  2. Origination Platform – Access to the most advanced and consumer friendly origination platform.
  • Visibility – a level playing field for all lenders, big or small.

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